Fast ship Antonija

Fast ship Antonija has a capacity for 200 passengers.

As well as visually very attractive, Antonija ship with its 32 meters lenght and 10 meters width provides comfort of voyage in spacious indoor air-conditioned passenger lounge with cosy seats. Ship is also equipped with large luggage compartment, access and toilet for handicapped passengers.

There is a coffee/snack bar which offers beverages as well as ice cream, toast sandwich, croissant, snacks…

Get your bicycle onboard for even more easier way of exploring destinations on our routes

Take your pet with you, because Antonija ferry is „pet friendly“

Boarding point Silba

  • Address: Luka Silba Zalic, Silba
  • Boarding timeafter disembarkation, 5 minutes before departure time

Ticket sales Silba

  • Address: Luka Silba Zalic, Silba
  • Working hours: 30 minutes before departure time
  • Payment methods: cash only (kuna)
  • Contact: +385 23 250

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About Silba

“Door to Dalmatia”

Silba is the northernmost island in Dalmatia, called The island of love and happiness.

This wooded gem of Zadar Archipelago adorned with many secluded coves, also has beautiful beaches in the village.

Silba village is located in the center of the island. At its narrowest part it is only 700 meters wide, which allows visitors to cross from one side to another within minutes.

There are several bars and restaurants in the village, and every corner of the island gives memorable experience as well as many natural and cultural attractions and interesting sights.

The most famous cultural monument is Toreta or „The tower of love“, and the thing that will definitely attract you to this island is the fact there are no cars.

Silba is „pedestrian island“ where motor traffic is forbidden, and this allows undisturbed enjoyment in the peace and benefits of unique island also called The gates of Dalmatia.

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