Fast ship Antonija

Fast ship Antonija has a capacity for 200 passengers.

As well as visually very attractive, Antonija ship with its 32 meters lenght and 10 meters width provides comfort of voyage in spacious indoor air-conditioned passenger lounge with cosy seats. Ship is also equipped with large luggage compartment, access and toilet for handicapped passengers.

There is a coffee/snack bar which offers beverages as well as ice cream, toast sandwich, croissant, snacks…

Get your bicycle onboard for even more easier way of exploring destinations on our routes

Take your pet with you, because Antonija ferry is „pet friendly“


Boarding point Rijeka

  • Address: Riječki lukobran 1, Rijeka
  • Boarding time: 30 minutes before departure time

Ticket sales Rijeka

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About Rijeka

Queen of Kvarner with long tradition

The City of Rijeka is the administrative and cultural center of the Primorje and Gorski Kotar County and the third Croatia’s most populous city.

Its “watery” name Rijeka (river) merits to the fact it spreads along the river Rjecina and numerous streams. It is famous for the slogan “I love the city that flows” so we suggest visiting many Rijeka’a sights sights and discover why is so.

If you are staying in Rijeka longer, you should definitely visit its surroundings because you can walk along the sea in Opatija, ski on the mountain Platak, enjoy gastro specialties in Volosko or visit Istria and discover all its beauties.

If you are not traveling with a car, we strongly recommend that you embark on our boat line to Zadar and visit some of the most beautiful Croatian islands to which you can, with G&V Line Iadera, also make daily excursions.

What can you see in Rijeka? # Top5

  1. Magical view from the Trsat Castle
    If you, besides to enjoying the beaches, like active vacation, our recommentation would be to climb to Trsat Castle, an old fortress and lookout sight strategically placed on a 138-meter high hill that dominates Rijeka. This place might be your choice for taking a perfect selfie.
  2. Arrange a meeting under the City Tower
    The City Tower is one of the symbols of the city of Rijeka, all the time back when Rijeka was surrounded by the ramparts, and the tower was access-point into the fortified town. Inhabitants of Rijeka traditionally schedule their meetings “sotto la torre”, “pod uriloj” or “under the tower”.
  3. Walking along the Korzo
    The best way to get to know the city is to walk through the city center itself using your senses, in particular observing the “locals” and their habits. There is no better place in Rijeka for that than Korzo, which is not just Rijeka’s promenade, its main vein, but also its mirror. If you really want to feel the “flowing city”, take a walk along Korzo.
  4. St Vitus chatedral
    Each trip should include a short “history hour”. We suggest visiting the monumental cathedral of Sv  Vitus, the only baroque rotonda built in Croatia. The church was founded in 1638, and it is a good place to take a small break and learn about Rijeka’s history. Once you are there, do not miss to see a portrait of St. Franis from Ksaver, the patron saint of tourists.
  5. PEEK & POKE – Computer Museum
    This is the choice for those “who want to know more” and include in their vacation schedule a round tour of some museums. This old computers and computer equipment museum has over a thousand exhibits of international and Croatian computer, audio, video and photo technology. Due to its unique concept, it has been included in the # 1 TripAdvisor Recommendations. Check out why.

Find out more about Rijeka and its attractions: http://www.visitrijeka.hr/

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