Fast ship Antonija

Fast ship Antonija has a capacity for 200 passengers.

As well as visually very attractive, Antonija ship with its 32 meters lenght and 10 meters width provides comfort of voyage in spacious indoor air-conditioned passenger lounge with cosy seats. Ship is also equipped with large luggage compartment, access and toilet for handicapped passengers.

There is a coffee/snack bar which offers beverages as well as ice cream, toast sandwich, croissant, snacks…

Get your bicycle onboard for even more easier way of exploring destinations on our routes

Take your pet with you, because Antonija ferry is „pet friendly“


Boarding point Krk

  • Address: Obala hrvatske mornarice, Krk (Big Pier)
  • Boarding time: after disembarkation, 5 minutes before departure time

Ticket sales Krk

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About Krk

The largest and most visited Croatian island

Krk is, along with Cres, the largest Croatian island ans with its small neighboring islets forms the Krk archipelago. Due to the mild climate and diversity of natural beauty, from ancient times it has been called the “Golden Island” (Insula Aurea), and based on the cultural heritage Krk is referred to as the cradle of Croatian culture. Find out why!

There are numerous stories and legends labout the island.  One of them claims that the fate of the island is related to the number seven: it was settled by he Croats in the seventh century and seven times successfully defended by the pirates; the last duke of Krk was Ivan, the seventh from the Frankopan family; today the island has seven administritative centers.

What can you see on Krk? # Top5

  1. Town of Krk – Frankopan Castle
    You can rest in Krk on one of the numerous pebble beaches, but one day you should definitely take a stroll through its streets and squares and visit divers cultural and historical monuments. Krk is one of the oldest settlements in Croatia; some say that ancient writer Homer wrote about it naming it Koureto.
    In the 12th century, the local Frankopan noble family became one of the most powerful feudal families in Europe. The Frankopan Kastel legacy is of that time. Three-towers fort,  with square, round and Austrian tower, guarded the city from sea attack. Nowdays, an exhibition on the ground floor of the round tower, presents a cultural and historical overview of the city of Krk, from the time of Liburns to the present day.
  2. Crkva sv. Lucy in Jurandvor and Bašćanska ploča
    For those who want to know more, we recommend visiting Jurandvor and the church of St Lucia.
    In the church there is a replica of the Bašćanska ploča (plate from Baska), the oldest known document in which the name of Croatia is written in Croatian language, and moreover, using the Croatian glagolitic alphabet.
  3. Kosljun Island
    For those who would like to spend a day walking around in the peaceful environment, we recommend a trip to the island of Kosljun with is a 15th century Franciscan monastery known for its rich library of about 30,000 books. The oldest incunabula is from 1471, but the pearl of the library is one of only three remaining copies of the first Ptolemy atlas from 1511. You can also visit the museum with an ethnographic collection of various tools used in agriculture and folk costumes, and a numismatic collection.
  4. Diving / Cave Biserujka
    If you are a diving fan, the area around Krk with its many underwater caves, rocks overgrown with red corals, rich underwater vegetation and shipwrecks will  be a real pleasure.
    Another option for a trip is to visit the cave of Biserujka in Omišalj municipality. The cave consists of several underground spaces that can be visited by tourists. Visitors can admire the richness of cave decorations – calcite sigs, columns and stalactites.
  5. Hiking / climbing
    Those who like nature  and active vacation are attracted to Krk by more than 300 km of landscaped hiking trails. Ones in the interior of the island lead to the peaks of the island’s mountains 500 meters high. Onde you get thre, you can enjoy an unforgettable view of the entire Kvarner.
    Interesting fact about Krk is that island flora consists of about 1400 species of plants, which is almost half of the total Croatian flora. On the other hand, Krk is a very important bird habitat. It was still in 1969 when the world’s first reserve for griffon vulture was founded  on the island.

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