Seasonal fast ship line: Zadar – Božava (Dugi otok) – Silba – Mali Lošinj – Susak and back

Fast ship lines Zadar – Božava (Dugi otok) – Silba – Mali Lošinj – Susak and back ends sailing on August 31st 2021

Fast ship Antonija

Fast ship Antonija has a capacity for 200 passengers.

As well as visually very attractive, Antonija ship with its 32 meters lenght and 10 meters width provides comfort of voyage in spacious indoor air-conditioned passenger lounge with cosy seats. Ship is also equipped with large luggage compartment, access and toilet for handicapped passengers.

There is a coffee/snack bar which offers beverages as well as ice cream, toast sandwich, croissant, snacks…

Get your bicycle onboard for even more easier way of exploring destinations on our routes

Take your pet with you, because Antonija ferry is „pet friendly“


PricelistAdults 12+Children (0-12)BicyclePets
Božava70,00 kn35,00 kn35,00 kn35,00 kn
Silba100,00 kn50,00 kn50,00 kn50,00 kn
Mali Lošinj150,00 kn75,00 kn75,00 kn75,00 kn
Susak200,00 kn100,00 kn100,00 kn100,00 kn
Zadar70,00 kn35,00 kn35,00 kn35,00 kn
Silba80,00 kn40,00 kn40,00 kn40,00 kn
Mali Lošinj120,00 kn60,00 kn60,00 kn60,00 kn
Susak150,00 kn75,00 kn75,00 kn75,00 kn
Zadar100,00 kn50,00 kn50,00 kn50,00 kn
Božava80,00 kn40,00 kn40,00 kn40,00 kn
Mali Lošinj80,00 kn40,00 kn40,00 kn40,00 kn
Susak120,00 kn60,00 kn60,00 kn60,00 kn
Zadar150,00 kn75,00 kn75,00 kn75,00 kn
Božava120,00 kn60,00 kn60,00 kn60,00 kn
Silba80,00 kn40,00 kn40,00 kn40,00 kn
Susak40,00 kn20,00 kn20,00 kn20,00 kn
Zadar200,00 kn100,00 kn100,00 kn100,00 kn
Božava150,00 kn75,00 kn75,00 kn75,00 kn
Silba120,00 kn60,00 kn60,00 kn60,00 kn
Mali Lošinj40,00 kn20,00 kn20,00 kn20,00 kn
  • The ticket price is the same for both directions.
  • Stated prices are for one direction voyage only.
  • When purchasing return ticket, 10% discount will be granted.
  • Other discounts, such as discount for disabled persons or students, cannot be granted.
  • Price includes hand luggage (in the passenger saloon) and 1 suitcase up to 20kg in the luggage compartment.

Bicycle transport

  • Capacity for bicycle transport is limited to 20.
  • Bicycle transport shall be paid on the ship when boarding (payment: cash only / currency: kuna).

Pets transport

  • Pets up to 7 kilos are allowed to stay in passenger lounge, only with their owner at all time, and not on the seats but next to the owner´s seat. Capacity for transport of pets (dogs) heavier than 7 kilos is limited to maximum 2 per journey.
  • Animal transport shall be paid on the ship when boarding (payment: cash only / currency: kuna).

Ticket sales and boarding

Boarding point Zadar

  • Address: Liburnska obala, Zadar
  • Boarding time: 30 minutes before departure time

Ticket sales Zadar

  • Address: Poljana Natka Nodila 7, Zadar
  • Working hours:
    Mon – Fri: 08:00 – 20:00
  • Sat: 08:00 – 15:00 / 19:00 – 20:00
    Sun: 07:00 – 08:15 / 15:00 – 17:00 / 18:00 – 20:00
  • Payment methods: cash (kuna) / cards
  • Contact: +385 23 250 733,

Seasonal sales point Božava is working from 01.06-31.08

Seasonal sales point Silba is working from 01.06-30.09

Seasonal sales point Mali Lošinj is working from 01.06-31.08

Seasonal sales point Susak is working from 01.06-31.08


Foto: A. Gospić

Foto: Sandro Tariba

Foto: Sandro Tariba

Fast ship line Zadar – Božava (Dugi otok) – Silba – Mali Lošinj – Susak and back starts operating on 1.6.2021

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