National ship line no.406 Zadar – Sali (Dugi Otok) – Zaglav (Dugi otok) and backward

About ship line no.406

National ship line no.406 connects Zadar with island Dugi otok and it’s ports Sali and Zaglav.

Motor ship Anamarija maintaines national ship line no.406.

Motor ship Anamarija has the capacity for 250 passengers. They can use 3 inside air-conditioned lounges, coffee bar, as well as luggage and other heavy cargo transport space.

Passengers who wish to enjoy outdoor sail, can use seating space on upper deck.

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PricelistSeasonOff-seasonIslanderPublic service
03.07. – 06.09.2020. 01.01. – 02.07.2020.
07.09. – 31.12.2020.
Whole yearWhole year
Sali25,00 kn20,00 kn11,00 kn13,00 kn
Zaglav25,00 kn20,00 kn11,00 kn13,00 kn
Zadar25,00 kn20,00 kn11,00 kn13,00 kn
Zaglav12,00 kn11,00 kn9,00 kn6,00 kn
Zadar25,00 kn20,00 kn11,00 kn13,00 kn
Sali12,00 kn11,00 kn9,00 kn6,00 kn


  • Off-season pricelist is valid from 01.01.-31.05.2018. and from 01.10.-31.12.2018. Season pricelist is valid from 01.06.-30.09.2018. Islanders pricelist is valid during whole year (only for island residence). Children from age 3 to 12 have 50% discount on valid ticket price.
  • Children from age 0 to 3 travel free of charge, with requirement of issuing the ticket.
  • Pets travel free of charge. They can be transfered only if they don`t represent danger or disturb for the passengers or the ship, and they cannot be taken into the indoor space and lounge.
  • Bicycle transfer is charged in price level of passenger ticket price.
  • Ticket price includes port charges and VAT.
  • Ticket price is equal for both directions.

Prices for goods transport – ship Anamarija

  • 100 kilos of various goods – 18,00 kn
  • Various goods by volume (for 1m³) – 36,00 kn
  • Stoves, fridges, washing machines and other household appliances – 30,00 kn
  • Television – 30,00 kn
  • Bike – 25,00 kn
  • Scooter – 36,00 kn

Price for luggage transport (for 10 kilos) = 3,50 kn

Note: Hand luggage up to 20 kilos is free of charge.

All prices are in currency Kuna, for one-way ticket!

Tickets cannot be booked in advance or purchased on-line!

Ship line on map