DAY TRIP TO SALI (island Dugi otok)

Return transfer from Zadar / Monday to Saturday (with G&V Line Iadera company)

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  • 10:30 departure from Zadar old town (address Liburnska obala) with ship Anamarija
  • 11:35 arrival to Sali port
  • After arrival in Sali, find Adamo Travel Agency for detailed information about the island and arrangements for visiting Nature Park Telašćica (rent a bike, scooter, taxi transfer, etc.).
  • Adamo Travel Agency contact: +385 99 518 2929,
  • Ship departure from Sali port to Zadar at 15:50 or 20:50 (fast ship Melita)
    *On Sundays and holidays, ship departs from Zadar at 08:15, return from Sali port at 17:45 or 19:45.


  • At the G&V Line Iadera ticket sales office, 30 min – 1 hour prior to departure (office address: Poljana Natka Nodila 7, Zadar; across the street from the ship departure point)
  • Online on

Buy ticket online
and secure your seat