Dugi Otok

About Zaglav

Zaglav is the village located on the southern part of Dugi otok (Long island), only 4 kilometers away from the largest village on the island, Sali.

It is one of the largest places on the island, on the flat land above Triluka cove, surrounded mostly by pastures and olive groves.

Its cove is well protected, and in Zaglav port there is the only gas station on the island (for cars and boats).

Zaglav is also a place of sport activities such as volleyball or diving, and during the year there are basketball and beach volleyball tournaments in which all lovers of these energetic sports can participate.

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Zaglav is first mentioned in documents from 15th century, and was inhabitated by people deserting from Ottomans.

Zaglav is proud of its cultural heritage represented by the Franciscan monastery and church of St. Michael, the patron-saint of Zaglav dating back to the 15th century.


Nature Park Telašćica

Nature Park Telašćica is first on the list of „must see“ attractions on Dugi otok (Long island). It is situated only a few kilometers from Sali, so you can reach it on foot or by bike, while enjoying beautiful sights along the way.

The Telašćica bay is one of the safest, the most beautiful and largest natural ports in the Adriatic. There are 6 islets and cliffs inside the bay, and 25 small coves on the 69 km indented coastline. It is an attractive anchorage for many boaters.

On the other side of the Park you must experience great panoramic views as well as „The cliffs“ of the island Dugi otok or locally called “Stene” rising up to 160 m over the sea, and vertically falling down 90 m into the sea.

Another phenomenon of the Telašćica Nature Park is the Salt Lake “Mir” with fine curative gray silt.

The Park offers organized tours in nature, cruising, water sports, diving, fishing, cycling, photo safari and traditional sea specialities in several catering establishments in the area of the park.

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Beaches and coves

To go swimming or sunbathing on the Dugi otok (Long island) is extremely easy while all around you there is bright blue attractive sea.

Apart from 25 beaches and coves in Telašćica Nature Park, there is a great number of hidden places with lovely beaches, which are great challenge to explorers or visitors who want privacy and peace.

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Salt Lake “Mir”

Lake Mir is located in the southwestern part of Nature Park Telašćica. The lake is located in a narrow strip of land between Telašćica Bay and the open sea. The lake is about 900 m long, and its greatest width is about 300 m. The greatest depth is 6 m. The lake is salty due to underground connections to the sea. The salinity of the lake is generally higher than the salinity of the surrounding sea due to evaporation and enclosedness.

The lake shore is mostly low and rocky, with numerous limestone rocks, and only in the extreme southwestern part a lesser accumulation of sand can be observed. The bottom of the lake is rocky in the shallow parts, and covered in pelitic bottom deposits in the deeper ones, with fango (healing one) in one part.

Temperature fluctuations in the lake are very prominent (in summer to 33°C, in winter to 5°C), therefore the lake is warmer than the sea in summer, and colder in winter due to its shallowness. The salinity of the lake is above average due to evaporation. These extreme conditions are the reason for the biological poverty of the lake. In addition to the plankton, there are only a few species of marine organisms in the lake. These are: algae, goby, mullet, sea bass, several species of shellfish, see snails, crabs, and a special type of eel that grows up to 3 kg.

Diving and fishing

Like all the Adriatic islands, the island of Dugi otok has a rich underwater world. You can explore this world with the help of one of the four diving schools on Dugi otok, who will give anyone the opportunity to take an adventure in the mysterious depths of the sea. Diving instructors will walk you through this magnificent world and take you to some of the best diving destinations in the central Adriatic such as the islet Mežanj or underwater cave Brbinjšćica.

If you prefer to stay above the sea surface, fishing is a great opportunity to learn about local tradition and sea world. There are several options: morning, daily, evening and multiday fishing.

Destination for fishing trips is the Kornati archipelago, and you can use various fishing techniques.

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Festivities of Zaglav “Kake bake”

Legendary Zaglav´s “Kake bake” festivities are one of the best and most visited on the island. It is held at the end of July, for over 30 years. With good music and delicious seafood specialties, festivities go on all night long.