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From Zadar you can also travel to the island of Rava, the island of Iž and in Sali and Zaglav on Dugi otok

Find out more about the fast ship line Zadar – Sali (Dugi otok) – Zaglav (Dugi otok) – Bršanj (Iž) and back and the ship lines Zadar – Sali (Dugi otok) – Zaglav island) – Zadar and Zadar – Iž – Rava and back





About Zadar

History and fun in one place

Located in the very heart of the Adriatic, Zadar has always been one of the favorite tourist destinations in Croatia due to its 3000-years history and cultural heritage. It was declared the best European destination in 2016, so we highly recommend you to visit it and check why.

If you plan so spend more days in Zadar, you may consider a variety of day trips to its surroundings. There are four national parks (NP Plitvice, NP Paklenica, NP Krka and NP Kornati) in the immediate vicinity as well as charming Dalmatian towns Split, Trogir and Šibenik.

If you wish to explore Croatian islands and the possibility of swimming and sunbathing on clean, hidden, savage beaches, all you have to do is choose your desired destination. Our boats will quickly and safely take you there without distressing you to find the way or search for parking.

What can you see in Zadar? # Top5

  1. Enjoy the natural music by the Sea Organ
    You’ve certainly been to numerous concerts, but we bet you’ve never listened a concert performed by sea. Yes, sea! Sea Organ in Zadar is a unique architectural sight in which the sea passes through 35 polyethylene pipes of different lengths, diameters and slopes and creates organ-like sounds. Sit next to the sea and enjoy the real concert of nature.
  2. “Fill the batteries” with Greetings to the sun
    Visit this interesting urban installation made of more than 300 glass plates in the shape of a 22-meter diameter circle. During the day its solar multi-layered panels “absorb” the sun while in the evening  “illuminate” in different colors producing a real light show. This place is ideal to take great photos and make a short break enjoying the sound of the Sea Organ that is in the immediate vicinity.
  3. Feel the history of Zadar in the old historical core
    Zadar’s old town is one of the most beautiful and most preserved in Croatia. If you want a true historical and cultural treat, be sure to walk to the main square of the Roman Iadera on which the entire city’s public life took place. Complete the tour by visiting St Donate church and Archbishop’s Palace.
  4. Romantic dinner in Foša
    The place for a romantic-historical walk is this picturesque harbor, built in the 16th century, where you can see sights such as Captain’s Tower or Land Gate, the masterpiece of the late Renaissance. In the harbor is also one of the fish restaurants with a the most beautiful view.
  5. Look at the sunset from the seafront
    The Zadar’s seafront (riva) is known as the place where you can watch one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. It would be a real pity to miss it!

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