Veli Iž

National ship line no.405 connects Zadar with islands Iž and Rava.

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About Veli Iž

The island of Iž is situated between Dugi otok and Ugljan. It is surrounded by 10 islets and only 14 nautical miles away from Zadar. The island is 12,5 kilometers long and 2,7 kilometers wide. It has a surface of 17,59 square kilometers and 35 kilometers long indented coast.

The island of Iž is also called a small „two-letter kingdom“. Its beauty is known only to a few adventurers and sailors, lovers of pure and untouched nature, who just want to escape and enjoy solitude. There is no mass tourism. Here you can find something that only small hidden islands have – tranquility and local residents hospitality.

Traditional occupation of locals, fishing and agriculture, guarantee delicious homemade food offered in restaurants. Everyday boat connections to Zadar make this island easy accessible to everyone, even families with small children.

Veli Iž is one of two villages on the island, located on northeastern part of island Iž. There you can feel traditional and origin lifestyle. Olive growing, fishing and maritime jobs are most common among few locals of Veli Iž. A quiet place with well-proportioned architecture has several lovely structures in the Romanesque style. Valuable exhibits can be found in the Heritage Museum. Veli Iž has a preserved old nucleus, and in the center of the locality stands the renewed church of St Peter and Paul. Also, it has a few traditional restaurants, three bars, grocery shop, post office, clinic as well as hotel and modern marina.


Veli Iž Gallery


Veli Iž is a village with well-proportioned architecture. It has several lovely structures in the Romanesque style. Valuable exhibits can be found in the Heritage Museum.

Veli Iž has a preserved old nucleus, and in the center of the locality stands the renewed church of St Peter and Paul.

The ethnographic collection of Veli Iž preserves numerous examples of authentic Iž ceramics and tools used for the traditional pottery craft. The pottery of island Iž is an unique phenomena, which once supplied a large part of the Adriatic coast with clay pots for cooking and household use.

About 70 families were specialised in this craft in the past. They could sell or exchange their pots only in the territory assigned to them by casting lots. The potters would throw the unsold pots into the sea before returning home, because it was a disgrace not to sell all the goods.


Attractions and events

The ethnographic collection of Veli Iž

The collection has 781 items and is located in the one-time summer house of the Zadar noble family Fanfogna from the XVIIIth century. The exhibition is arranged on the ground floor and on two floors of the building and in a very picturesque fashion conjures up the life of one-time Iž in all of its segments.

Going by the variety of the material it is a unique example on the Dalmatian islands (the kitchen with all of its equipment, costumes, weaver’s tools, the techniques and handiwork using wool, flax, and cotton, shoe-making, local and imported pottery, the culture of dwelling, tilling the earth, fishing, stock raising, the organization of the family community and religious and folk customs).


Hiking home

Hiking home with lowest altitude in the word (only 70 meters) is unique attraction with starting point in Veli Iž.

It is part of the hiking tour to Kornati.

It´s situated about 300 meters from the hill Knež, in beautiful and peaceful bay Dolinje.

Meditation and therapies

Hotel Korinjak, only hotel on the island, offers interesting meditation and relaxation therapies for mind and body energy, from yoga to pyramide meditation and orgon or ozon therapies.




Hotel Korinjak also offers boat trips and excursions to island Iž hidden bays or small unsettled nearby islets, where visitors can enjoy untouched nature and beaches.

Veli Iž Festivities

The key cultural event of the summer on the island is the famous Iž Feast. The locals dress in traditional costumes, perform old dances and songs, and prepare homemade food for the numerous guests and visitors. The peak of the ceremony is choosing the King of Iž for a mandate of one year.

This ancient custom is part of the tradition of the entire Zadar archipelago. The Feast marks the peak of the season and is being held at the end of July. It is a traditional event lasting two days. Each year a new King of Iž is elected. He is a symbolic ruler without authority who presented the population of Iž back in ancient times.

There are several contests between the northern and the southern part of Veli Iž taking place in a variety of disciplines, such as: water polo, potato bag racing, rope pulling and soccer. Pilchards are grilled and served for free.

Every evening ends with an open-air party and a concert of renowned performers.



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