Mali Iž

National ship line no.405 connects Zadar with islands Iž and Rava.

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About Mali Iž

The island of Iž is situated between Dugi otok and Ugljan. It is surrounded by 10 islets and only 14 nautical miles away from Zadar. The island is 12,5 kilometers long and 2,7 kilometers wide. It has a surface of 17,59 square kilometers and 35 kilometers long indented coast.

The island of Iž is also called a small „two-letter kingdom“. Its beauty is known only to a few adventurers and sailors, lovers of pure and untouched nature, who just want to escape and enjoy solitude. There is no mass tourism. Here you can find something that only small hidden islands have – tranquility and local residents hospitality.

Traditional occupation of locals, fishing and agriculture, guarantee delicious homemade food offered in restaurants. Everyday boat connections to Zadar make this island easy accessible to everyone, even families with small children.

Mali Iž is situated in the southern part of the island and consists of several widely scattered villages: Porovac, Knež, Makovac, Komoševa and Muće. Knež and Komoševa are small ports, while other villages are situated at approximately 10 minutes walk from the sea. This village with less than 200 inhabitants, whose traditional occupations are fishing and agriculture, has been inhabited since ancient times. This is evident from the examples of old Croatian architectural heritage, still visible at every step.

Mali Iž is a recommended destination for those who want quiet holidays far away from the tourist hustle and bustle. It is surrounded by a dozen islets and reefs, so there are many explorable locations for sailors and scuba diving fans, while many tourists from Iž visit National Park Kornati as well.

Mali Iž is also a perfect place for those who enjoy spending time on the beach. It has 10 beautiful coves, with sand or gravel. They are: Mala Dumboka, Šolova, Peščenice, Pardešćak, Mali Vodenjak, Bršanj, Komoševa, Knež, Dolinje (Tražet) and Svežina.





There is no informations about population of island Iž before 13th century. First croatian inhabitants were mostly shepherds of Zadar´s land owners, which were farming, planting olives and fishing.

In the 19th century, after venetian breakdown, Iž has become municipality, and today is the part of Zadar county.

Very important part in island´s history belongs to Iž´s glagolitic pastors, which are responsible for Iž people literacy.

Attractions and events


Mali Iž is surrounded with 7 islets, which provide ideal locations for sunbathing as well as enough impressive underwater sites for scuba diving fans.


Porovac cave

Cave Jezero on the Porovac hill represents a special challenge for cavers. It has a rather small entrance, but inside there is a large atrium which parts into 2 tracts, with one leading to great depth.

It has not been completely explored yet, but cavers believe that it ends somewhere in the sea.

Olive factory

The olive oil is produced by the local population from olive trees they cultivate all year long. Every village has an olive factory which grinds olives. Every winter olives are brought to the factory in order to get high-quality olive oil.

Many researches have shown the positive effect olive oil has on decreasing risks for cardiovascular diseases, which, alongside with a quiet unstressful life, is the main reason of high life expectancy on Iž.

Back in the old days, oil was the main and the most valuable trading mark.

During summer period olive factory in Mali Iž is used as showroom where exhibitions of Iž´s painters, sculptors and shipmodelists are organized, along with poetic evenings and live music.



Mali Iž Festivities

Mali Iž festivities take place on the St Mary´s Assumption holiday, patron saint of Mali Iž.

It is a traditional three days fiesta with fishing nights and brodetto preparation contest, children games, sport contests like basketball, soccer, waterpolo or tug-of-war competitions.

With live music festivities of Mali Iž last until late into the night.