Announcement about our seasonal fast ship lines 9100 and 9101

To whom it may concern ,

It is with great regret that we inform you that in 2023, the seasonal high-speed ferry lines 9100 Zadar-Silba-Rab-Krk-Rijeka and vice versa and 9101 Zadar-Božava-Silba-Mali Lošinj-Susak and vice versa will not be maintained.

Despite our efforts and wishes to connect Zadar and Rijeka with the islands on our commercial seasonal lines again this year, taking into account all the key factors, we made this difficult decision.

We would like to thank all the passengers and associates who traveled with us and supported the mentioned lines in the past years, and apologize to all those who had plans to sail with “Antonija” this season as well.

Thank you for understanding,
G&V Line Iadera