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Motor ship Melita


Melita is a fast ship to transport 180 passengers on one deck, its tonnage is 197 BRT, 72 nt, length 27 m, a width of 9 m, draft 1.3 m, speed 26 Nm. Fatigue power of two diesel engines is 2 x 1150 kW. Melita was built in 1985 in Norway to connect ports on the North Sea and as such is among the safest catamarans on the Adriatic. On the 20th of December 2013 after the company G&V Line

Motor ship Anamaria


Motor ship Anamaria is a passenger ship to carry 200 passengers in 3 salons, and its tonnage is 274 BRT, 82 nt , length 39.81 m, width 6.90 m, draft 2.90 m, speed 17 Nm. Fatigue power of three diesel engines is 1 x 740 kW and 2 x 150 kW. Motor ship Anamaria was built in 1993 in Iličevsk shipyard in Russia for Bulgarian investors. It had not been in service before we bought it in Varna in 1994.